In August 2020 our member Jordan was involved in a horrific accident that led to him suffering severe burns on his hands, arms and legs. On arriving at the hospital that evening it was unknown whether he would ever regain function of his hands again or whether his skin would recover.

On the evening, and in the weeks following, the ambulance staff and nurses and doctors at the Burns Unit were influential in ensuring that the above did not happen to Jordan. The care and encouragement they gave to him every single day was instrumental to his recovery.

Two weeks after arriving at the hospital, Jordan was discharged with full function. He owes everything to the staff at the burns unit (the nurse, doctors, physios, catering team, cleaners). They work tirelessly around the clock showing kindness, compassion and friendship to every patient. Jordan will never forget everything they did for him and his recovery.

Throughout October Jordan will be walking/running/cycling 351 miles – 1 mile for every hour spent in hospital – to help raise much needed funds for the unit. Jordan is an extremely active person, and before going into hospital this distance wouldn’t have even bothered him, however since being discharged his injuries have left him feeling shattered after covering just 3 miles, so it will be some challenge! On the final day of October he will be joined by his friends to complete the final 27 miles of the challenge (17 on a bike and 10 on foot) from Ashby to the City Hospital where Jordan hopes to present the Hospital with their cheque!

Any spare change you can donate would be very much appreciated by this extremely talented team of professionals.

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An update to Jordan’s recovery

At the moment Jordan has been home for just under 5 weeks. His skin is fully sealed now but is still extremely tight, therefore restricting some of the things he is able to do. Each day he has different physio sessions and has to constantly moisturise the skin to allow it to loosen up. He has about another 6-12 months ahead of him until the skin starts to return to some form of normality, and during that time he will need to make sure he is limiting exposure to sunshine while also rebuilding his stamina. Even climbing up the stairs leaves Jordan breathless at the moment – hence why this challenge set is going to be tough, but so worth it!

We’re rooting for you Jordan.