RENT Review: East Midlands Theatre

When Rent first got established Off Broadway it was hailed as something radical and fresh, an ‘exhilarating landmark rock opera’, something that had appeal for younger and less affluent audiences who could see characters like themselves represented on stage. Jonathan Larson’s musical is generally described as being a modern edgy take on Italian composer Giacomo Puccini’s 1896 … Continue reading RENT Review: East Midlands Theatre

Grease Review: Theatre Online Reviewer: David Allen Grease was certainly the word tonight, as CTC presented their first performance of this popular musical. It is indeed an “Electrifying” production from a very talented and hard working production team and cast. Since its inception in 1971, Grease has been a favourite on Broadway, in the West End and with … Continue reading Grease Review: Theatre Online

Grease Review: Kev Castle We may not be seeing Summer Nights this week, weather wise but at Loughborough Town Hall the sun is shining and there is great fun to be had with this brilliant slice of retro teen/coming of age High School awopbopaloobap awopbam boom fun musical. Everyone knows the story of Rydell High’s Danny, the leader … Continue reading Grease Review: Kev Castle